Crossroads Health & Fitness, L.L.C.


Our Mission:

To provide a safe exercise environment for clients of all health and fitness levels that reduces injury risk while improving overall health and wellness.

What Makes Us Different?

  • All health and fitness levels welcome.
  • Physical therapists onsite for assessment and consultation for safe and personalized fitness
  • Professional personal fitness training performed by a doctor of physical therapy taking personal training to the next level
  • All equipment was selected to promote proper muscle strategies which strengthen important muscles, such as, the glutes and hamstrings for proper mechanics
  • A comfortable environment without the intimidation of a larger facility
  • Large functional training room that allows for walking, dynamic exercises, and sports specific training


  • Membership fee: $27/month
  • Can purchase Physical Therapy services for $75 for a 45 minute session
  • Services available include: dry needling, deep tissue mobilization with Gua Sha and Graston tools, cupping, ultrasound, cryotherapy, myofascial release, ART, Kinesiotaping, and visceral mobilization are available for an additional fee
  • Convenient automatic withdrawal from your checking account each month
  • No initiation fee!
  • No contract!
  • No cancellation fee!
  • Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 7 AM to 6 PM       

Our Facility Offers the Following Therapist Tested and Approved Equipment:

  • Vision Fitness Elliptical
    • Perfect stride technology for a natural feel workout while providing low impact for your joints with incline capabilities and stride length adjustment for glute and hamstring recruitment
  • X-RIDE Sitting Elliptical
    • Power stroke technology for 343% more glute activity and 23% greater caloric burn than recumbent bikes. Our therapists recommend the Sitting Elliptical over the NU-Step
  • Landice Rehabilitation Treadmill
    • Provides a softer running surface than commercial treadmills.  Complete with a reversing belt ideal for downhill or retro walking. Weight capacity up to 400 pounds
  • Skier’s Edge
    • Simulate the smooth, rhythmic lateral movements of skiing while providing optimal glute activation
  • Hoist LeMond Recumbent Bike
    • Innovative pedal to seat relationship with 5 different recline positions to recruit glutes and hamstrings
  • Rockerboard
    • Provides balance and shoulder stability training
  • Total Gym Power Tower
    • Allows for motorized incremental load changes during exercise at a push of a button for unweighted squatting for decreased risk of knee and back strain
  • Protonics
    • Provides optimal hamstring recruitment for decreased muscle imbalances, improves pelvic position and can be used during any exercise program
  • Physical Therapy Equipment
    • Including treatment tables, stairs, trekking poles, resistance bands, and free weights